Turnaround & Restructuring

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This service focuses on helping businesses that have good cashflows but are struggling to translate that into profitability, do so. We also help businesses on the brink of bankruptcy improve their financial and operational performance.

Our turnaround and restructuring philosophy is based on three pillars:


Which means ensuring cashflows are being accurately tracked and that the most costly element leading to a loss in margin is addressed.


Put controls in place that stop cash flow from depleting at a high rate.


Structure mid to long-term planning and structures that sets the business on a path to greater sustainability.



Optimum Working Capital

Improve the business’s liquidity and clear up arrangements with suppliers and lenders alike. Whether your business has outstanding tax obligations or other institutional commitments. We help you keep the lights on.


De-risk Business Units

Quantify the organization’s risk exposure and systematically reduce low-return operation in the business to an acceptable level.


Financial Structure Clarity

Have definitive governing principles and standard operating procedures that ensure everyone in the organisation is clear on good financial behaviour and can be held to account.


We are a full service financial management firm.

Financial Management Services

These services are about strengthening the core of a organisation’s financial resilience.

Accounting Services

Telling an accurate story of an organisations’ transactions and emphasising on good practises.

Governance Services

Running an ethical engine, putting processes in place to mitigate against avoidable risk

Taxation Services

Planning and executing tax compliance requirements.

Secretarial Services

Ensuring good administrative and organisational relations through best knowledge management practice.

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