Funding Preparation

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This service focuses on getting an organization funding ready. We proactively assess and forecast the funding gap, then identify the most viable source of finance and then steer the organizations’ finance strategy in the right direction to ensure a higher probability of funding.  

Our Funding Preparation philosophy is based on two pillars:

Deliberate Accounting

Using the organizations’ books to purposefully drive the narrative of the organization and not simply reflect its reality as incidental.


Help the organization put its best foot forward to be able to attract various funding streams.



Understand Funding Systems

Actively pursue the ability to hand-pick funders by not just knowing what they want but being able to provide it.


Have a plan

Work towards getting what you are going to need long before you must have it.


We are a full service financial management firm.

Financial Management Services

These services are about strengthening the core of a organisation’s financial resilience.

Accounting Services

Telling an accurate story of an organisations’ transactions and emphasising on good practises.

Governance Services

Running an ethical engine, putting processes in place to mitigate against avoidable risk

Taxation Services

Planning and executing tax compliance requirements.

Secretarial Services

Ensuring good administrative and organisational relations through best knowledge management practice.

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