The Numeric Narrators

We are Pfunani Business Consulting, a Financial Management firm that specialises in structuring, improving and the continuity of business finances. We have managed a client revenue portfolio of more than R2 Billion since our inception in 2015. We service the medical industry, manufacturing as well as wholesale and retail businesses. With an ever expanding team and expertise to grow our horizon of industry verticals. Pfunani Business Consulting is proudly 100% Black Woman owned with a Level 1 B-BBEE and procurement recognition of 135%

Our Mission is to give our clients
Tools Methods Roadmaps for sustained growth.

We accomplish our mission by assisting decision makers with important choices by giving them critical data, performance metrics and insights on where and how to improve the businesses position and by using Finance to Catalyse Growth.

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We Investigate

Every business problem can be brought down to a single unit of measurement. We unpack and describe this data sets to propel the business forward.

Our Performance

Execution is our culture, consistency is our philosophy and results is our reason for clocking in to work everyday.


Operations Analysis

We start by drawing out the inner workings of the business, to understand critical flows that need detailed maintenance and financial support.

Performance Benchmarking

Understand comparable performance in boom cycles and economic downturns to determine whether or not the business is underperforming or on par. This helps you orient the business in the context of the economy

Financial Clean Up

Ensure that information from financials are reliable and accurate. We do this by capturing and/or structuring all financial accounts correctly.

Integrate with Financial Department

Incorporate into ways of working within your finance department to reduce change management requirements.

Structure 30-60-90 Day Plans

Once we've anaylsed the data we start to implement a roadmap for performance improvement in alignment with goals and objectives on a quarter by quarter basis.

Measure Performace

Report on implemented controls and the impact it has made to overall performance.

Decision Making Brief

Advisory on medium term outlook on potential pivots, cash strapped business units or operational sections that are crippling the entire business. Reassess strategic contribution.

Finance Department KPI Structuring

Establish performance goals to contributing team members. Monitor performance and incrementally improve efficiencies.

Automation and Digital Transformation

Assess areas in operations that could improve the overall performance of the finance function through cloud services integration and migration from legacy systems.


We are a full service financial management firm.

Financial Management Services

These services are about strengthening the core of a organisation’s financial resilience.

Accounting Services

Telling an accurate story of an organisations’ transactions and emphasising on good practises.

Governance Services

Running an ethical engine, putting processes in place to mitigate against avoidable risk

Taxation Services

Planning and executing tax compliance requirements.

Secretarial Services

Ensuring good administrative and organisational relations through best knowledge management practice.

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