• Using finance as a catalyst for growth

    Building the foundation for your businesses path for expansion based on facts and figures.

  • Pragmatic. We do what is essential to help you act decisively.

    •  Strategy & Planning
    •  Finance Management & Restructuring
    •  Audit & Tax
    •  Governance Risk & Compliance.

  • Transparency

    The truth about knowledge is that, it is only powerful when it is useful. We cut through the noise.

What We Do

We put the best minds on your business challenges to drive performance and change.

We Investigate

We investigate systematically, continuously and successfully.


Performance is about solving problems and building business.

A Full Service

We are a full service financial management firm.

Why Choose Us?

Let the numbers speak!

Our business experts come from businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Why Choose Us?

Give our clients the tools, methods and road maps for sustained growth. To assist decision makers with important choices by giving them critical data, performance metrics and insights on where and how to improve the businesses position. By using Finance to Catalyze Growth…

Message From The Director

Sanelisiwe Matimba-Mkansi

"We believe that our duty is to empower business owners to become the best stewards of their organisations."


We are a full service financial management firm.

Financial Management Services

These services are about strengthening the core of a organisation’s financial resilience.

Accounting Services

Telling an accurate story of an organisations’ transactions and emphasising on good practises.

Governance Services

Running an ethical engine, putting processes in place to mitigate against avoidable risk

Taxation Services

Planning and executing tax compliance requirements.

Secretarial Services

Ensuring good administrative and organisational relations through best knowledge management practice.

Are you looking for professional advice for professional services for your business or industry?

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